Not Your Grandma's China

Decorators inherently like mixing old and new. A lot of our clients feel apprehensive when we suggest this. They want all new pieces because that’s what consumers are trained to think. “Out with the old, in with the new,” “clean slate,” and so many other popular phrases are designed to make you feel like trashing all of your old belongings and buying new is the only way you will ever fall in love with your home again. Not to say refreshing some areas is unnecessary - we at Three French Hens are nothing if not honest. We will certainly tell you when something looks outdated, but we also know how to use sentimental and vintage pieces in a way that will breathe new life into them. 

A good example of this old-is-new mentality that we’ve been using lately is generations-old china.  Your mother or grandmother’s china that you now own is PERFECT! We promise you we can make it work, we promise you’ll love it, and we promise your whole family will smile at the fact that you’ve kept a piece of the generation before you (and are using it). 

I am going to show you three ways to mix in hand-me-down china and make it look new and fresh! 

On Your Dining Table

Let’s start with the obvious: Using your set on your dining table for it’s original purpose. Place settings can be jazzed up by adding contrasting but complimentary placemats, napkins and other table-top accessories that will add layers and tie-in the colors of the season. 


In a China Cabinet or Hutch

Layering your chargers, dinner plates and bowls into the cabinet will add depth to your decor. Use them as a backdrop for your other shelf accessories, creating a divide between the back of the hutch and the decor and allowing for a stark contrast. 


Elsewhere in Your Home Decor

Don’t think that because you’re using dishes, you’re limited to the table. Michelle and Jeanie used a client’s china on a sideboard recently, accenting it with a complimentary leather box and greenery. It is amazing to be able to tie in your table with the rest of your decor so easily using something you’ve probably had laying around for years! 


If you are stuck, bring a piece of your china into Three French Hens with you. We would be so happy to assist you in choosing complimentary accessories that will make your vintage pieces last for lifetimes to come. 

As always, thank you for reading.