What is Your Interior Design Style?

The designers at Three French Hens play with a lot of differing styles. Our clients are a diverse bunch with diverse expectations, and we are ready for anything you want to throw our way in terms of interior design. 

Some clients, however, don’t exactly know what they want. If you fall into this category, use this blog to guide you in finding your personal interior design style. Trust me - our girls appreciate the direction!

Here are our top styles defined:


A farmhouse style is defined by it’s unique American, country flair. Think lived-in Southern charm. A farmhouse style is usually accented with barnyard animals, kitschy phrases, and shiplap or tin elements. 


French Country

French Country style makes French design elements accessible to the average consumer. It allows you to incorporate those exaggerated, reserved for Marie Antoinette, elements into a style that still feels like you can kick your feet up and relax after a long days work. 



Please, don’t confuse “Rustic” with “manly.” A rustic style encourages you to bring the outdoors in, while still allowing you to use neutral or even feminine elements in your decor and furniture. Rustic doesn’t have to mean animal heads in every room!


Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a Three French Hens signature style that is Rustic x100. It’s wild wild west, luxurious mountain resort and big game hunter all wrapped into one larger-than-life style. 

Man Cave - Three French Hens (62 of 69).jpg


If you like the idea of modern design, but aren’t ready to let go of the warmth that a traditional style allows for, Transitional may be the style you are going for. Transitional is defined as the “transition” between traditional and contemporary.  



If your dream is to be whisked away by Alessandro to your Tuscan villa and live out your life sipping wine in your private vineyard in the hills of Siena…… (Same, girl.) Then this style may be for you! A tuscan style is usually accented with olive jars, stone and Italian textiles.

photo by: shelbyfoley.com

photo by: shelbyfoley.com


Fit for a Queen - a Traditional styles often pulls inspiration from European design. Any New York Mansion you’ve seen built from the 1900-1930’s displays a very traditional interior decorating style. Think oil paintings, gold accents, bold mantles and mahogany. 

photo by: shelbyfoley.com

photo by: shelbyfoley.com

Shabby Chic

50% shabby, 100% CHIC! The most feminine of the styles I’ve presented, shabby chic dares you to use pink as your core color. Skirted furniture, crepe pillows with all of the ruffles, airy florals and striped upholstery is what this look is made of. 


Thanks for reading!